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When this game is eventually released on Steam, will it be possible to add the game to our Steam library? Or will we need to buy another copy on Steam?

You'll get a key for Steam

I may just be stupid but I can't seem to find the woodworking center

Nevermind just saw that it was renamed :P

Glad you found it!

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will this go on steam for ease of buying and downloading

Yes, January or February

Hey guys, im very interested in your game, but i dont have any of your payment methodes, will there be come some other too like cashcodes  ala paysafe?

thank you in advance

Grabbing paypal or a prepaid card is easy. Or you can use paysafe to buy Bitcoins, and pay with those :)

Can't buy game over itch. Credit Card method only available for US? Why can't see that game on GOG or Steam. Just frustated.

Grabbing paypal or a prepaid card is easy. Or you can use paysafe to buy Bitcoins, and pay with those :)

Steam is coming, but at a higher price


When will you enable it?


Enable what?


Hi Everyone, when I load my saved game,  all stores want new things... I need to destroy and reorganize,  It's normal ? Thanks


I have the same situation :)
I just reload the save game, untill it matches my needs.

Ok, I'll try it :)



This bug was fixed (at last!), you won't see it happening again on 1.5 (this Friday)

No problem ;)

 Thanks for the answer and please... don't give up this game it's a gold nugget ! Good job !

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We're not going to give up, nor let you down! The game it too good to turn around and desert it!

when will the new update be out today?

How does one go about getting a steam code for the game? I got it on the itch app.

You'll get one when we release it for steam

sweet thanks! great game!

Thanks! :)

Rise of Industry - Our first impressions

how do you update the game to 1.4?

Use the itch app

Do you plan on a sandbox mode?

Yup, we planned for four modes: Sandbox, campaign (story), scenarios, and normal (need to unlock and progress)

If I have purchased the game on (Which i have), would I be able to get a steam key for it to be able to use it on steam?


Thanks very much


Question: What do wholesalers in towns do?

They sell whatever the town makes

Ah okay. Thanks for the confirmation. I guess that feature has not yet been implemented in the demo.

What about some Friday Facts on Saturday?  :-)

We should, yes :)

looks like there is still something funky with how the trucks are sendt out... got a factory that makes wine, and they are set up with 1 truck each to 2x brandy factories, but only 1 of em get wine

Could you do a proper report, with saves and log, please?


and so i remember, just noticed in world generation tab, you got most hills at low, and least at high, so thats something that has to change

also found an annoying bug in how the trucks are sent out... if i send more then 8 trucks in total to 2 different location then it sends to only one random and ignore the other

Working in that. Expect a hotfix soon

thats great...

any chance your gonna increase numbers of outputs? makes it really hard and unrealistics when you only got 3 outputs nomatter what,  especially from the train stations. think they cost way too much so atleast you should get some more options from those i think. just bought the game and cant wait to see what you come up with in the future with the "comming soon" features i can see are comming

Truck Depot is going to be your new best friend :)

Is there a way to sell harvesters  ,  If not will there be 

Demolish them :)

Pls add version numbers to your downloads - otherwise one can get mixed up when trying to find the latest update.

Yes sir!

You can use this:

(left is the itch app, right is the site)

Thank you - I overlooked that. 

My fault.

Do you plan a Friday Fact (FF) like the Factorio designers do?

I was thinking more like a monthly video, like with RimWorld. Weekly posts are not a bad idea :)

Talked with the team. We're gonna make it happen :)

If we've bought the alpha release will we get access to it on Steam too when it comes out there? :)


Steam is a pain (for many) so GOG (good old game) would be a decent alternative. 

GOG is offering for all games it hosts: 

- free Steam code

- DRM free download

- auto update (if supported by the app)

- no additional software intermediary needed

- honest payment options

I wish GoG was as good as they paint it. We haven't had much luck there

Good to hear that you investigate alternative routes. 

I would for commercial reasons evaluate if a direct download (from your own website, cutting out the middle man) like factorio does would not be more profitable - by the same time binding the developer and user more tightly together. 

Anyhow - I would also try to brush up your Forum as this seems to be little visited as its a little rusty in approach- besides_ I get lost by different names given using RoI and Project Automata on different websites for the same product - you MUST stay with only one for corporate identity  reasons - - my 2 cents.

Agree. Next week the old site will be vanquished, and from the ashes the new one shall arise

is there a auto updater function if I buy the game from your website?

Just use the app. It will update it automatically!

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Having to use a non Mac certificated app only in order to run the game is a bad idea in first place  - for many Mac users which destain non Mac store games in first place. That's the reason why Steam is not famous for Mac user.  If they buy offside the Mac store your game (as I do) the despise additional apps just to to be able to run the game

- my 2 cents - an I'm an Apple user since 1984 

Then re-download the game every 2 weeks :)

ok. Thanks. Good enough. 

KoS is a incredible pr for your game - nobody can resist or escape her recommendation thought. ๐Ÿ˜€

Absolutely true :)

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Played the demo; the game has potential but it also has some major issues that are somewhat numerous to list.

Off the top of my head I can say; the lack of inland water(this forces everyone to build on the coast), the 9-unit cap on the truck delivery system(this is particularly painful for water because the building outproduces its ability to send it to buildings that need it), the inconvenient construction system (notably having to actually build the building before harvester placement) and the  lack of a codex explaining all the mechanics or listing the recipes(you have to build a building to see what it can make).

Hopefully they get ironed out in the future to justify the 15 dollar price tag.

Thanks for the feedback! It's an early build, lots is going to change. Take a look here:

To address your concerns:

- Inland water (lakes and rivers) are coming. We recently rewrote how the maps are created

- Truck limit: gatherers do not have the ability to handle a billion trucks. That is what Truck Depots are for.

- Harvesters: what exactly is the issue?

- Recipe list: this will be made available today, was in the works :)

- The 15$ tag is to feed a team of 8, for something we've been working 2 years, with another one ahead of us

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Well my issue with the harvester is that during construction you get a basic foot print of the zone of influence of a given raw material building but until you actually put the building down you don't know exactly the foot print and sphere of influence the attendant harvester would have. So you have to go by trial and error to get the optimal resource harvesting configuration, which costs you money because you'd have to demolish the harvester and sometimes even the core building to re-position it.

I recall other games that have this similar feature tend to let you put down the buildings and harvesters or other additive buildings first then let you click "finalize" before they appear and deduct the cost from your money pool. A good example off the top of my head would be the NOD Laser Turret in Command and Conquer 3 which consists of a hub building and 3 gun turrets, you put down the hub first followed by the three turrets before it is finalized and deployed, prior to that you can fiddle with its placement as you please.

An undo button would also do the trick I think.

Also with regard to train routes, there is a tab at the top that says Vehicles +/-, what does this tab do? Does it vary the frequency of the trains, etc? The most number of trains I've seen at one time on one route is 3.

Thank you for the reply.

Hm, an undo button would be nice. I see your point. And yes, that tab is to control the amount of trains on that route

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Just  to clarify; the number of vehicles tab on the route tab would denote how many trains would run the route on a given pay cycle?

May I also suggest adding a City tab that states in short hand or icons what goods a City produces and buys, and a button to zoom in on the said city with a click. This would be really helpful at the start of the game when figuring out which part of the map to plant your flag and how to orient your railroad network for optimal gain.

is this game going to be on Steam at all? 

Yup! Here you can see what needs to happen before it goes on Steam:

When I buy it now will I automatically get the steam key later?



Bought the game the other day, can't wait for tomorrow to try the alpha. Hoping I get as much enjoyment out of this game as i did with Factorio. Cause if i do this game is going to be great deal at 15$

I really hope you do! Just know that Factorio has been in development for many years, and we are relatively new. Although, what is currently available is a lot to lose yourself into!


I backed your game on kickstarter back then and am quite happy you guys didn't give up. Two questions though. There is a road map, but on the Project Automata website. Is it up to date or pre-kickstarter (like a year old)? If it is older, where on the road map do you stand now?

Anyway great project keep up the work (and take my money). ๐Ÿ˜€

Keeping that road map updated, so it still applies :) 


Tried out the demo, I like the game, has a lot of potential and promise! I look forward to all the work you guys will be doing in the near future.  I'm a big fan of games like these, old school OTTD player reporting in! :D

Make sure to tell us your thoughts on discord, fellow TT fan! 

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hey i pay project automata .  is This game not its continued ?  I even made donations

If you're referring to the Kickstarter, it failed, so nobody was charged

Loved the demo, Not sure if i will buy the full game because $15 seems a bit pricey. Any reason for the price? 

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Sorry that you feel that way. The price might also be a bit low, as we're a team of 7 working almost full time for two years, and we all would like to keep having to work on this game instead of serving tables or being in call centers, but we have bills and rent to pay. This is a quite big project, and not your average "I'm bored, so might as well do an endless runner with a buddy over the weekend". We have (and still are) invested a lot in this project, but we need help to bring it to the level it deserves 

I really enjoyed the demo, I was planing on buying it just was wondering what your reasoning was! It seems like a great game that has a lot of potential!

Many thanks! Hope I answered your question, tried to be as truthful as possible. If still in doubt, did you check some let's play of the full game? 

Thanks for the open and truthful answer - makes you quite sympatic - Chapeau!

Transparency is one of the pillars I stand for :)

Is porting the game to iOS in the pipeline?

Mobile ports will not happen. It's not the kind of game that plays well "on the go". You need a mouse and some time to fully enjoy the experience 

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Loved the game! It seems to be a very deep game with a lot of small details to worry about!

Glad you enjoyed it!


Just played the demo and really liked it.  The biggest problem I had was that when I open the window for anything I could see the wireframe of anything behind it which made it very hard to read anything sometimes.  I was playing it on a mac so I m not sure if its just limited to just that platform but other then that it looks really good.

In the new version we redid the interface, so hopefully that issue is gone. Could you try and force AntiAlias on your mac? That should help a fair bit!


Great game!

Thanks! :)


Looking good!

Played the initial pre-alpha a lot when it was first released and the videos of the press build show some awesome progress has been made!

Looking forward to the public alpha release.

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks for the kind words!

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Just played the demo, seems promising. I had a hard time finding a good balance between all production ratios, which I believe is good to keep the player entertained. Balance-wise, each farm tend to overflow the factories and I feel that three destinations limit too much arbitrary. This is specially true when it comes to cities and I fear it will reduce the impact of warehouses.

The UI gives me the more trouble, pop-up windows that covers the center of the screen, that I have to drag around to place the harvesters were very annoying, and having to manually close each of them after use was very tiedous. Repeating the factory symbol on each of the factory types in the factory sub-menu felt useless and more confusing that anything else. Also I don't really like having my building cost tracked on my financial report, because it gives me a hard time to know how my industry is really going.

A lot of the tasks where repetitives, which is to be expected at some point in management games ofc, but I felt I needed too often to repeat the exact same factory configuration in a row. I think that the game would benefit greatly of user presets to save some time in doing such manipulations. Also I would greatly appreciate the ability to change color of my buildings to visually keep track of which factory is building what.

Anyway, that's already a very good job that you did and the features you wish to add are really appealing. I wish you a good alpha launch!

Many thanks for your detailed feedback! Many of the issues you pointed out have been addressed, hopefully you'll see the changes next week. As for the discrepancy with farm production, it's done on purpose, as you pointed out. Need to keep things interesting and purposefully unbalanced, but the new transport options should ease your micromanagement suffering!


The graphics looks pretty good, they could be improved but i think the game looks better now than the demo , the artstyle is great and i like the fact that have linux support .

  I dont really play this kind of games but from 10 minutes of playing the demo it looks like its easy to play for users that are not so good at this kind of games but is also complex for the users who likes this genre . Im sure that i will lose some more hours playing it.

  You are doing a good job .

We try to please also the ones new to the genre :)


Looks creative

Yup! Did you try the demo? Had fun?

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I tried the demo. I'm buying the game. We'll preview the game on our website later in june.

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