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Important: the game is no longer for sale here on Itch. Hop on Steam or GoG. All of you who already purchased it and need to redeem the Steam key, please follow this guide!

Take the reins of a small company and build an industrial and financial empire in this 90s inspired strategy/tycoon game!

Designed with an eye towards both accessibility and depth, Rise of Industry (formerly known as Project Automata) takes inspiration from classic games like Industry Giant, Transport Tycoon, Anno, and Factorio. There’s enough strategic complexity and replayability to satisfy the most experienced lovers of the genre, while its user friendly mechanics ensure that new players will love it as well.

Gather resources by building farms, mines, oil and gas wells and many more. From the most basic materials there will be a wide range of products you can manufacture and ship to towns. Keep the economy moving and keep the masses' needs fulfilled. 

Facilitate the transportation of both raw and finished products at every stage of production with the help of roadways, trucks, trains, ships, and even zeppelins, all while building your industrial base (or bases) of operations. Each mode of travel has it's own advantages and drawbacks, and it's up to you to sort the logistic puzzle.

Current and Upcoming Features

  • Custom Scenario Editor
  • Advanced economic A.I.
  • Procedurally generated maps with different biomes
  • Complex and engaging supply chain simulation
  • Environmental consequences, i.e. pollution, waste, and deforestation
  • Modding  API and Steam Workshop support

You can see the full roadmap here.

Note: we removed the demo, as we are looking for feedback. Proper feedback can't be given if you're playing on a limited demo. 

Installation instructions: simply extract all files and run! 

Recommended you play in 1080p and you NEED to update your graphics drivers!

Please use the itch app, as we intend to do updates regularly!

Purchasing the game now will give you a Steam key when released, but only if you sync your game with your itch account, so make sure you create an account and login before purchasing!

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Are there any extensibility points (in terms of software/game development) for the game? 

Well I'm a new user and I find it interesting, but I try to tutorial and its so small that its hard to read the info on the window.

The second thing is when you put tracks for the train you don't see much beside a shadow on the ground. That could be improved.


Press + to increase UI scaling. The tracks can be. GPU issue, so please update drivers. Why are you using itch and not steam forums?


Thanks for the info

I don't play steam

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I try it and the window whit the tutorial stay small. I can zoom in and out of the land, but the window text stay small.

I got the version  GOG-public-0.5.0:0902? I don't know if its that or not?


Why not buy the game on Gog or Steam? You are using a build that is over two years old 


A better question is: Why aren't the developers updating it here? Whether or not they still sell it here, they owe it to their customers.


Where can I find the download link?

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You won't be able to play the game anymore via Itch, only Steam, so make sure you redeem your key. I prefer not to use Steam.


This was declared a year ago. It was always said that it would go on steam. I don't see where the problem is, as you can also get it on GoG 

Will you make it available for Mac? This is the type of game I would love to play, but I only have a Mac. 

would love to test any demos or what not. Let me know.

Very amazing game ^_^ I already waited for more industrial TTD. I already play the demo version. The problem is that it consume a lot of memory. My laptop become overheated. Many time also my computer is hang or restart when I load the game.

Okey, I haven't even played the game yet, but just bought it and super excited :D Wondering if you take suggestions and if there is a line of communication with community on updates, future mechanics tweaks etc? Thank for the game, I am a fan of the genre

Yeah, of course! We're very active on Discord and Steam forums, so hop on there! Links are in-game

Dapper Penguin Studios, Rise of Industry is realy good game İm realy want this game but i dont have mony can you send me Steam key code please.

is there a mac version of the steam release planned? been following since before the rename and would be happy to pick the game up right now if i know it will be ported to mac at some point.

Yup, working on it: https://steamcommunity.com/app/671440/discussions/0/1700542332320221950/

great game. I agree on other comments regarding more info about which products perform the best and which factories do as well. I am totally confused on how to use the depots. Obviously the very limiting factor is the limit of destinations gathers etc can have. I assume wharehouses  and depots are supposed to help but I am lost on this. Can anyone help?


Please do the tutorial. Please use the steam version to make sure it's updated 

is it only possible to build your own value chain? or can you buy raw materials from other suppliers aka world market? and can you buy goods from the city market when the price drops to below equilibrium then sell it back after the resource/commodity is depleted and is in demand at equilibrium price again, the way you can do in Rise of Venice? This way you can have a warehouse in one town where you buy goods that are produced there and transport them to a warehouse in a town where that commodity is not produced and tell it to sell it at the rate of consumption, and if the margin between the two towns is higher than cost of delivery you can have a nice transport arbitrage? 
I hope what I have written makes sense... 

It does make sense, and yes, that is what happens :)

Is there a tutorial. I was not able to buy apples from city market or from npc orchards. 

Of course there's a tutorial. Please use the steam version to make sure it's updated 

I finished the tutorial but im playing the gog version as i understand the latest edition.

what is that !
already change windows 1 times ! update graphic and everything ...

d3d11.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module d3d11.dll at 0033:053f39a4.


Game is no longer supported on Itch. Please use the Steam version

yes i buy with STEAM !

Then please use the steam forums and check stickies 


Don't yell. Link so I can check. I reply to every thread

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Ever since simulation and management is my favorite game and this game got my attention. I already tried the game few days and this is what I feel need to be improve or add. 

- The fisherman gather took me a hard time considering  the shape of the terrain and the size of the water area is too small. The rotation  only offer 4 sides (North..S..W..E..) but the terrain got almost impossible to build it bcoz sideway or circled shape.

- I love the wide range of products, gathering resources, crops, etc. The more it offer the more it complex. And by that time you must establish a quick view of the recipe. I saw you got a recipe tab but this need to be improve. 

Example: It's good that I can see first what it needs to get right before I can produce certain product. But there must be a way where I can see what can I produce using that product sample BOTTLE, What certain product I can produce using that BOTTLE, where in I can see BARLEY WHISKEY, CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, BRANDY.
(Take a look on Capitalism 2 game on how they manage the recipe view this will greatly help.)

-Also you need to enlarge the viewer of the recipe, too small compare to the huge variety of the product. Which took me a hard time to look on it. Feels tight or not enough space.

Will send more feedback while I do play the game. I do love the game due to its complexity but still need to improve on User Experience and User interface. (Sorry for my English not my main language)


1. Need to find a straight coast

2. WIP

3. Change the UI scaling in the options menu

Make sure you switch to the steam version or you'll stay outdated! :)

Adorei o game parabéns, espero que adicionem a linguagem PT-BR na próxima atualização. 

Planned: http://steamcommunity.com/app/671440/discussions/0/1693785035815241596/

I fell in love with this game, but some things upset me.  

The Copy Tool sucks,  I spend hours to rename identical buildings and get them same "destination" and "production" , but think that it must be feature of The copy tool.

Also I am disturbed with a white area around buildings, warehouse especially. It so white that I hardly see anything, it overstress my eyes, sorry. Can you change a way to mark this area?

Do you have feedback other than this chat?


Those two things are addressed in version 5.1, coming out in a couple days (of course, with much more)!

I really don't follow itch anymore, so you're better off using the Steam forums :)

Have fun!

Also, Amazing Game I love it 

Hi, I was being a dumb person and set UI size to 200% and hit apply so when i wanted to change it back i clicked reset nothing happened and i really like to play Rise Of Industry so please help fast.

Please have fast response i play this game almost 24/7 and i dont want to play another game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa, that sucks. Follow the "game settings reset" FAQ here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/671440/discussions/1/1693785669867329158/


damn good game i wish this was free XD

Sure, and we pay rent with hopes and dreams :D

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Worked fine on my Mac for months with itch.  now in steam it says Mac OS is not an available platform.  what gives?  can mac users who paid previously get their money back?

The latest OSX and Unity versions broke Mac support. Working day and night to make it happen. Sorry

I hope you can add a Chinese language "simplified Chinese"

Planned :)

Hey guys,  I successfully redeemed my steam code, however, it's "not supported" on Mac all of a sudden.  The game is in my library, just unable to install at this point. 

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Yes, it's outside our control, sorry: http://steamcommunity.com/app/671440/discussions/0/1700542332320221950/

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When?  9.02.2018

Tpday. Noon-ish depending on your time zone. Relax and enjoy it when it gets here!

Deleted post

The dev said (on Steam) that there will be a discount when it releases  there. I believe it will be slightly less that $20 for the weekend at least. Maybe longer.

Played the hell out of it when it was downloaded. Then, after the last update, I just fired it up through itch to check.  Then played a couple more hours later, the old way. Says I've played for 3 minutes! bahahahahahaha

Just a general observation. ;) 

Great game! Only reason I look forward to the Steam release is because I use Steam all the time. Maybe I can get a whole 3 minutes through Steam too!


Maybe you can go overboard and play 5 minutes? No? Too crazy? 

Aww, man. Oh alright, I'll see if I can push it that far. bahahahaha Not like it's fun or anything. :D

Even before Steam was around, I had always wished games had 'counters' or something to track how many hours I had played of a game. Wouldn't want to even guess w/ RoI. 30-40 sounds low even.

Is the game dead? If i click on link to purchase it gives me a 404. how do i get to purchase the alpha.

The game is not for sale on itch anymore as it's going on Steam tomorrow: http://store.steampowered.com/app/671440/Rise_of_Industry/

Problem with the tutorial: When you're first directed to click the construction button it remains unclickable, as does every button on screen except for the menu button on the upper left part of the screen. 

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I have the same problem after I plant the water siphon, there's no way to select anything to plop down harvesters.

Just FYI on my specific problem: I realised a second time that after the siphon it's the harvesters that are next able to plop down. It's when you escape out of placing the harvesters before placing them, however, you get that situation where nothing is clickable.

Hmm. Someone on Steam said the hotkey for construction remains active. I haven't tried it yet, but the dev said they're looking into the issue.

Yup! Fixed!

Thanks again!


Is there a changelog or any kind of text file about the changes that came in the Alpha 5 update? Thanks..

Hey there. I'm afraid it's too many to list. See for yourself!

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run into a snag, trying to place a water siphoning plant and the plant itself i can place without issues, but nto the harvester, it says i require a permit even tho i have bought permit for the region (campaign 0.5.0:0502)

EDIT: nvm im being a total noob ;)

What was the issue? How did you solve it?

It's sad i won't be able to play on itchio. Why having only Steam when you start with itch ? Many players prefer itch over than Steam, for DRM, GUI, spirit, or other reasons. And i agree.

Steam is free for all Itch players, but the game will also be available on GoG on day one for all the reasons you mentioned

Sure, but still i prefer itch, nah !

Deleted 6 years ago

So no Final DRM free build on itch.io /:

I'm sad...I bought the game here,a long time ago to get a DRM free game...not a Steam key.

Sync it with GoG for a free DRM, don't see the issue. Not to mention you already have it here without any DRM. To make it even sweeter, Humble Store might happen, with more DRM-free solutions

Oh yes...you are on GOG...I'll buy the game again here then...no GOG connect for now.

But...You'll never update the itch.io build after full release?

Correct. GoG and Steam will be identical copies, so you choose. 

Also working on GoG Connect, if that helps :)

I've play this game since alpha 1.0. Is there going to a Electricity industry and higher density for cities? Like Apartment towers and skyscrapers? 

Yes! Absolutely!

I want to buy, and play this game right now. Is there any way  I'd be able to do that?


You have to wait for Steam launch now. Should be available again on 9-th of February.

Where is the "Recipe " Tree PDF for Alpha 4... the domain on Go Daddy no longer hosts it.

HaHa I found i

I'm afraid it's completely outdated. Please use the one in-game until we publish the new one

I tried to get the in game recipe book, but it just opens to a blank page and doesn't do anything else.  

The one in the main menu (deleted PDF) or the one in-game, top right?

Doh! Main Menu.  I did't see the in-game one, it's been a while since I played.  I shall look again.  


Yup, i'm an idiot.  I forgot to update the game.  

Guess I'm blind or stupid, but where is the saved games location? (so i can take out some, but not Purge) Thanks.


Ah, thank you very much! 

If it helps anyone for the future: For Win 7, it's actually %appdata%/roaming/projectautomata

Noted, thanks!

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So what's the plans on the waste management? ie landfills and all that? can they get filled up and have to be reflattened etc?
What about having a garbage place for recyclables,  that sorts it, then the plastic\metal\etc has to be delivered elsewhere?

Way more than that: landfills, dump toxic sludge in lakes, burn everything, etc. It will all create massive amounts of pollution 

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how will it be handled? I already bought the game at A4, so  no rush on a rpely, just likeing the ideas.
Also is there  to be collision and traffic issues?

Not completely designed, but just know that every building will produce some kind of pollution (water, ground or air). As for traffic: coming in A6

Take a look at this: https://trello.com/b/t94R4mdV/public-roadmap

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Hi, I saw a video of this game and I absolutely love it. I saw on the video on steam you could buy the game here. When I read the description it said all pre-existing users would get a game key. Just for clarification, does that mean if I buy the game now that I won't get a game key or does that mean when the game goes live on steam all people who bought it here will get a game key?  Also how would the game keys be distributed?

p.s. I've been looking for a game like this for a long time and I am so happy there finally is one!


Hey Doge! If you buy it now, you do get a free key for steam once released :) 

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Hi Dev,

I have been lurking and following you secretly =)

possible to put this in humble store, if it close here? I am drm free gamer and I dont use steam

We're still planning, but it's possible, yes :)

Hello, I tried the game, and my main comment is that I'd like to see the game become more "immersive," with more sound effects, and maybe flashing numbers when expenses are occurred at structures or vehicles, or when vehicles make some income, like in Transport Fever.  Also I'd like to see diagonal roads and maybe pipes, for water and oil.  Thanks for your hard work,  -Scott

Hi Scott! A5 will bring a whole new range of songs and sounds. Can't wait to show you!

As for diagonal roads and pipes, I'm afraid they won't happen, as that would steer away from the main core of the game (production and town interaction), in favour of logistics. There's other great games to scratch that itch :)

When's A5?

Very soon. Date will be disclosed this week

Bought the game...can't place any structures, roads...it says PERMIT REQUIRED.  What do I do please?

Go to the regional office or the town center, region tab, and buy the permit. Might want to read the tutorial :)

Got it, thanks.

The tutorial in the game says nothing about buying a permit

Tool tips do. Can't explain and handhold all the time :) 

The real tutorial in the next version will be much more helpful, believe me

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