Alpha 4.1

Ah yes, many bugfixes and quality of life changes. Now we're going to get busy with A5 and Steam release! Talk soon!

Oh and we're going to do proper changelogs from now on :)

Lastly, many things changed, so pleaaaaaaaaaase read the new tutorial!

Patch A4.1

Issues Fixed

  • Changed Specialization Selection Timing
  • Changed Item selection in Shops
  • Changed Town Prosperity Timing
  • Removed unnecessary Town Statuses
  • Changed starting Influence
  • Adjusted Experience Curves
  • Adjusted how shops marked Goods as Demanded
  • Adjusted UI Scaling

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Building Storage Bugs
  • Fixed Production Timing
  • Fixed Town expansion rate bugs
  • Fixed Cursor Icons appearance
  • Fixed Capacity unlock to calculate storage value properly
  • Fixed Major/Minor Unlock Prerequisites
  • Fixed Shop Item list bugs
  • Fixed Item Icon bugs
  • Fixed Full Screen on Linux machines
  • Fixed Region assignments
  • Fixed Warehouse assignment bugs
  • Fixed Income/Expense Popups
  • Fixed Route List Bug
  • Fixed Depot Boat Bugs
  • Fixed Off-road Truck Bug
  • Fixed Wholesaler Item Values
  • Fixed Purchasing Permits Bug
  • Fixed Duplicated Goods and Icons
  • Fixed Towns Road Placement
  • Fixed Duplicate Shop Goods
  • Fixed Max Population Limit
  • Fixed Good Cost Efficiency
  • Fixed Town Grow Rate

Features WIP

  • Town Production and Sales
  • RMB Closes panels
  • Recipe Prompts

Bugs already reported, WIP

  • Missing Tech Tree Point Assignments after loading a save.
  • Tech Tree UI Scaling
  • Ubuntu Fullscreen/Windowed modes
  • Missing Town Models
  • Towns able to Isolate themselves
  • Disappearing buildings
  • Fish Harvester Pathfinding
  • Train Animation Glitch when entering tunnels
  • UI Placement
  • Trains ignoring Train Signals


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 171 MB
Version 32 Dec 21, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Mac 296 MB
Version 29 Dec 21, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Linux 290 MB
Version 28 Dec 21, 2017


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Is there a tutorial that one can read from his/her phone, tablet, or computer(full screen)? It would be nice. Rather than leaning in towards the upper right hand corner of the game screen, One could kick back relax and read it comfortably. Thanks.

Hope this helps: 

Hi guys,

just playtested a little and I am very happy to see new information about how much is being produced etc.

But: Given the current production rates, one Gatherer can supply way more than 3 industries (as those are consuming verrrrrry slowly).

Ideas for that: 

- Use the Warehouses by giving the warehouses more than 3 available destinations. Example: Gatherer delivers wood to warehouse and warehouse delivers to all 20 industries who are consuming wood.

- Possible expansion of Industries (Manufacturing is being increased by adding further building tiles. Paper is no being produced at a rate of 14 days instead of 15 days. Could also be achieved by "tying" industries together (perhaps easier to implement).

Other than that: Great to see more progress - I am actually really wanting to try to build some complex industrial chains. But at the moment I am still quite unhappy with the transports between buildings. They are tiresome to establish/maintain at the moment. But I am sure you guys will come up with a good improvement :)



I think Industrial Parks will make you fall in love :)