Alpha 2.5

Hey industrialists! Haven't given you any goodies in a while, so enjoy some quality of life changes, and get ready for next month's big update!


- Changed building placement helper
- Reworded "Total budget flow" with "Net income" 
- Added tooltips to the contruction panel
- Added an option to toggle RMB camera displacement
- Disabled input when autosaving
- Added tooltips to the storage tab

Bugfixes (as usual, many, but primarily):
- Towns sell wood instead of water
- Can delete train track connector to the terminal

Known issues (please don't report these):
- Random behaviour when deleting train terminals. Trains really don't like that
- Mouse cursor sometimes doesn't change back from text edit icon
- Towns place roads along the coast, blocking the player


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 171 MB
Version 24 Sep 29, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Mac 296 MB
Version 22 Sep 29, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Linux 290 MB
Version 22 Sep 29, 2017

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