Alpha 2.3


Another week, getting closer to that sweet Alpha 3.0 release! For now, enjoy a revamped economy, some changes, and as usual, many bugfixes!


- Many formula changes, economy revamped (a bit easier to make a profit)
- Vehicles now charge their dispatch costs based off the distance they need to travel
- Trains now have a nice upkeep
- Train terminal capacity raised

Bugfixes (as usual, many, but primarily):
- Removed sticky labels when deleting buildings
- Ghost train reservations removed
- Independently of the scaling, buttons don't leave the screen

Known issues (please don't report these):
- Random behaviour when deleting train terminals. Trains really don't like that
- Some textures are poorly lit (especially animals)
- Mouse cursor sometimes doesn't change back from text edit icon
- Towns place roads along the coast, blocking the player


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 161 MB
Version 21 70 days ago
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Mac 172 MB
Version 19 70 days ago
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Linux 178 MB
Version 19 70 days ago

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