Alpha 4!

Hi fellow industrialists and welcome back!

Another huge update, crammed full of new features, is upon us as Alpha 4 is now available to download.

A big game-changer is added with the first iteration of career mode ready to play which involves the all-new player specialisation and tech tree which focuses on player progression and is sure to give you a new challenge.

An important topic this month is the IndieDB competition! After a long battle against other 45 thousand games, we made it to the top 100! Now the crown is for the taking, but we need your help! Vote for us and show that the industry can be a better place by making quality products filled with love and passion!

More hard work and amazing features have gone into Alpha 4:

  • Player Specialisation & Career Mode: 1st iteration of career mode focussing on player specialisation & progression.
  • Tech Tree: Unlock new buildings and upgrades for your empire.
  • Boats: A slow but high-capacity transport alternative.
  • Influence System: Keep towns onside or face a reputation backlash.
  • Borders & Regions: Maps are separated into regions and permits are required to build and operate there.
  • New Models & Industry: New copper mine, new household goods factory producing luxury items like radios/tv's etc and of course the boat dock
  • New Global Shader: New looks for the new update.
  • Revamped Economy: Almost all production lines are profitable. Enjoy getting rich by selling apples, brandy and radios alike!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new update as we get ever nearer to the exciting Steam Early Access next year so, be sure to tell us what you think. We really appreciate it.

Have fun! 


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If I buy the game here, do I get steam access when that is released?

That is typical, but I don't want to assume. 

We will get a steam key :)

"Purchasing the game now will give you a Steam key when released, but only if you sync your game with your itch account, so make sure you create an account and login before purchasing!"


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.... stupid question but how to update my game, there is only the buy now button. But I already bought the game. And in my collection only the 31 version is available. 

Edit: Oh.. okay, version 31 is not version 3.1 ... just a stupid coincidence.


Glad you found out! :) 

What price will be in steam early access?

Still undefined, but it will go up a bit, as Steam takes a big cut out of the sales

eh.. i bought the game in early alpha 1.something, and i would like to have it in my steam when it comes out? are we gonna get a key or something?

Yes you will

ok thanks! In what way?

You'll get an email with instructions in a couple of weeks :)