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Do the trucks ever reroute if there is a shorter path built?

Not right now. Truck AI is being reworked 




My itch account is still on alpha2 no update yet!

Please use the Itch app

Since I got the update the game is unplayable.  The options menu covers the whole screen but in such a way that I can not read the options as they are overlaying the other menu options, and there is no "ok" button that I can see to accept changes made to the options. 

Lower the scaling setting in the options menu

Im am French and i like your game ,good luck


How do i save changes the option settings? Theres no Save Button

Apply button at the bottom. If you can't see it, lower the scaling setting 

THX Its working now :3


Do we get a steam key?

Yes, when it comes out on steam

Hello guys ! The game seems amazing but with a QWERTY keyboard .... I'm french and I would like to chang the keyboard shortcuts ! Can you add it soon ? Furthermore, do you need a translator ?

Ah, an AZERTY user :)

Sure, soon enough we'll enable custom keybindings! For now, you can use the RMB camera drag (enabled in the menu)

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This looks like it is the next Industry Giant gem, but more accessible.  The thing I most love that you have ( either in the works or currently in the game ) is the proceedurally generated world that will grow as your expansion grows to the edges of the map. To me the most frustrating thing in city or transport games in the map limitation. You always have to stop somewhere. This will be the first game in this genre, as far as I know, that the build area will grow as long as you want to play the map. That is awesome!.

I do also want to say I love the concept of having airships in the game. Is there any chance at all that you design in the ability to research or produce steampunk products ? I think that would be very cool. Not required for a great game, but it would be amazingly cool.

Anyway, don't you  dare stop developing this game! This is the next Space Engineers. Keep the community informed on a frequent basis now and especially when you get to Steam and your game will gain insane momentum, I bet.  Slow and steady can turn into a rocket, just hang in there. $20 is  teetering at the edge for the price of a brand new early access game, but don't let the weenies talk you out of it. You have the quality right now to get it.  Game play is more important than graphics.  Factorio sold for a long time before it ever went to Steam. It looks a lot worse than what you have ( not saying what you have is bad looking lol ) . Anyway I will get it later today, but I had to write this now. Keep your chin up when people get nasty. You are doing GREAT!.

How do you know if production is meeting or exceeding demand? For example, if a grocery store demands milk, how do i know if I am producing the right quantity of milk at my farm? And how do i know the right quantity of trucks to assign to the grocery store?

BTW nice work on the game!

You know if one of the buildings is idle, or trucks are just sitting there. If you don't see smoke on all buildings at all times, the production is inefficient. There is no perfect ratio. Trial and error and practice makes perfect!

Got it. Thanks for the feedback!

Meh, I guess the game file is too big.  Massive stuttering and as long as I don't actually try to build anything else, the game runs haltingly (latest update version).  As soon as I try to do anything on the map, the game freezes.  I uninstalled/reinstalled in case the game was corrupted, but no change.  It generated a crashed game folder, but when I uninstalled, it deleted that too.  Now, it just crashes and doesn't generate the debugging folder.  Guess I need to wait until the game is patched or start a new map.

PS - while the game is supposedly easier to make a profit with, unless you are trying to sell a 5 figure commmodity, in 5 tries/experiments, you go bankrupt.  Even somethign as simple as grapes or selling meat/milk or eggs/milk.  The money you make doesn't pay for the overhead on the trucks and buildings.

Also, it'd be nice if there was building info to tell you how much the upkeep is on each building, including the trucks being used for it.

Crashes: WIP

Profits: never sell raw products. Make stuff with them, like burgers or brandy. They sell handsomely

Oh, I do make more complicate products.  At the start,  I pause the game and look for the simplest chain, like orange juice or beer or wine and go for it, but if a town wants oranges, fish, milk and meat, I need to feed it and keep the demand line full or the town doesn't grow, right?  Especially if there are no other shops.  I guess then I need to wait until I am making a profit and then go back to the smaller town and take the financial loss to make it grow.

As for the crashes, the game was fairly well along, but as I kept adding industries and trains, the lag spikes become more and more frequent until the point finally arrived where any kind of building froze the game and the game stuttered about every two minutes.  Too bad as I was trying to fill all stores in all the towns.  I was grossing around 3 million a month and profit was around half a million, I think.  Don't remember as I haven't touched the save game since posting.

Quite an impressive income! For Alpha 3.0 the lag spikes should be severely reduced, as we're redoing a lot of the town code, which we think is the culprit

Question about gameplay.

When setting down harvesters like sand and water, does it make sense that the harvesters are more efficient if you leave some space between them so they are gathering resources from further apart and not gathering each other's, or can you pack them together and they are equally efficient?

Also, for harvesters like forestry, oil, etc, I am thinking you want the green areas of the harvesters to cover as much resource as possible to make them the most efficient.  Does it matter if the harvesters' harvest areas overlap each other in regards to their efficiency?  

Right now it's a bit of a free-for-all. Soon (very soon) harvesters won't share the territory or resource nodes, and have to be spread out

Not sure what "harvesters won't share the territory or resource nodes" means.  Can't or won't?  If there's only 5 oil nodes in a spawn, and the harvesters "won't" share, that means only one harvester can be used and 4 harvesters remain un-utilized or you can put an oil harvester anywhere and it will get oil, just not as much as if it was on an oil spawn?

Like, oil or ore harvesters need to be spread out so their harvest areas don't overlap (much)?  That's how I play now, but for small spawns of gas or oil (for example), I try to get all the resource nodes in each harvester's area, so the harvesters are necessarily close together.  I can't see how a resource harvester is gathering a certain resource when there are no resources in their harvest area.  Can a forestry harvester still gather logs if there are no trees in its harvest area?  Same question for ores, fish, etc.  ?

Does your statement also mean that things like water and sand harvesters that are beside each other, like 5 in a row, are less efficient that harvesters that are spread out with spaces between them?

Every played Anno or Banished? Same way as getting wood there.

Harvesters can have 3 resources assigned. If a node (cluster of resources) has 5 resources, then you need 2 harvesters. If you place a 3rd, it won't grab anything

As ROI is going on Steam, we'll get steam keys if we bought it through ITCH.IO?

Also, some bugs/observations on ROI so far . . .

Bug:  Cursor stays stuck as the white glove or the text editing cursor (for changing building names)

Suggestion:  Have buildings open on Overview tab, not destination tab.  I want to see the overview when I click a building.  If I see a problem in overview, THEN I need to go to the destination tab.

Bug:  MASSIVE game freeze every time it goes to autosave the game.  I don't mind autosave, just the lag spike.  :)

Bug:  Also massive lag spike when the game goes to update monthly expenses at year end.  ie Expense popups.

Suggestion:  The terminals need to have more storage.  They ARE "terminals" so should have more than 60.  No reason for them not to have 75 to 100.  I know warehouses are coming, but they also serve as interim warehouses.  PS - the trains work awesomely now :)

Suggestion:  Have the  train route name be editable so they don't all just say "Transport Route"

Suggestion:  In options, it would be good to have an info pop-up on mouse-over so we could see what the options do, and what kind of performance benefit/detriment they would impose.

I like the new recipe book too.  :)  Keep up the good work.

As ROI is going on Steam, we'll get steam keys if we bought it through ITCH.IO?

Bugs: please report them in-game (top right of the screen), but most are reported in the "we know this happens" section of the updates.



B2: Will be better for A3, trust me :)

B3: You can disable them in the options menu

S2: Warehouses will be the ones holding everything


S4: Nice, will do

Thanks for the reports!

I have used the in-game reporting function but it is very unsatisfying and it produces no confidence that a player's bug report was sent or that it would have a chance of being actioned.  Your replies, on the other hand, give 100% confidence :)

I did turn the monthly pop-ups off, but the lag spikes still happened, especially as you progress further in a game session.  I would glance at the date and not do anything if the date was the 28th or later lest I inadvertently end up at an extreme edge or corner of the map when the lag spike stopped.

Thanks for the replies :)  Enjoy the game, even with the current bugs, and understand the game is in development.  No panic on my part :)

Believe me, we get the reports. Every day I personally have to go through 25-50 reports (most duplicates, but can't do anything about that for now). Keep them coming!

Just wondering if I missed something. What do you do with all the produce that is not used yet? Like I'm selling milk to a nearby town, but then meat and hide just takes up all the storage and I cannot do anything with it. Can I sell it to the state somehow?

Yup! Just set the state as a destination, or do something with it, like pies or burgers

as funny as this sounds, the waste part if what got me curious. I've never thought of having a game like this and also having that mechainic as well. I'm pumped to buy this.


Not sure if I am missing something here. I assign destinations for all my various producers. Then after saving, logging out, then logging back in, no destinations are assigned and I must reassign them all. Any ideas?

What version are you on? 

Alpha 2.2

Some destinations remain and many need to be reassigned.

We released a hotfix for exactly that issue an hour after release. Update please 

Oh no I just bought it without reading first and only joined itch later. Now I'm am forever doomed to never have a steam key. Much sadness...

You'll have to wait a day or so until I publish a guide on how to link everything, shortly after release :(

Ah well at least there is a chance.

Nice game btw. I played for a bit. No crashes. Liked how easy it was to link industries.

Glad you're enjoying it!

How do you save the new options? I can't figure it out, if you press ESC it just resets them and I can't see an "apply" button.

That means your scaling is too low, thus making the button leave the screen

If i buy the game now, will i get the game when it fully comes out?


cool going to buy the sweet game now.  Thank  you!



Finally someone made a real Tycoon game! I loved that game back when I was a kid.

Glad you like it :)


i like this game!


Thanking you kindly for fixing 21:9, much appreciated!  I'd just like sensitivity turned down a little for mouse scrolling and it would be perfect ;)  All good though.  Having so much fun with game, awesome.

Here to help!

Just wondering if the linux release will be updated to the current alpha? I downloaded it and it says Public Alpha v1.9

That is odd. I'll upload 2.2 tonight and make sure Linux updates as well

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Thanks. Not sure if it has been done but I just redownloaded it and it's still showing as 1.9

Edit: for more info, I am running 'Rise of Industry - Public Alpha - Linux.x86_64'. Happy to provide any more information you migh need. Thanks for that great game and all the hard work.

Just fixed it! Redownload to get 2.2.1!

That fixed it. Thanks!


Just a question, if I buy it now, will i get a steam key when it goes live?


Just got the game, and have to say I am pretty excited to check the game out! I was wondering are you going to add support for Ultrawide 21:9 Monitors? 2560x1080? That's my main and I don't mind the black bars, but they do take away from the game. 

Glad you're enjoying it! Playing on Linux?

Sorry for the late reply, my wife just recently gave birth to our twins. No, I am playing on Windows 10. I did see the resolution auto fix itself as well.

Fixed for 2.2, which comes out tomorrow!

Awesome!!!! Haven't played since I bought it. Excited to jump back in.


Hi Developers,

if I delete the "starting track" of a Rail Station, i cannot set it again so the train station remains unreachable. In 1.x I could put a track "through" the station. Thats not possible anymore. So for now I am forced to build a new station. Could you please fix that?

Thanks :)

On it!

Bug still present in 2.3!

It is, sorry. Working on it 


Save Game not working, overwrite was working this morning. Loaded and worked through some new industries. Tried saving as a new save, and as an overwrite. In both cases you are returned to the save main menu without having saved. Game paused, can still hear background noises, birds etc. Purge worked though. Clicking on Load Game shows nothing saved. 

Where are the autosaves located?

That is odd. Could you do an in-game report so I can see the log? 

Saves are in %appdata%/projectautoma

Autosaves empty, guess I'll have to start again

We changed a lot in 2.1, breaking the saves. I'm afraid it'll happen often :(

Map scrolling is very sensitive, any way to tweak this?, also, no 21:9 support?

Press ALT while using WASD. Ultrawide should work. Can you post a screenshot?

Hi.  Thank you for replying.  

Yes but I use mouse to scroll around, and that is far too sensitive, that it shoots off the screen.  Max resolution only 2550x1440 in launcher settings, no 3440x1440 21:9.  Here is screenshot.


Added to the todo list :)

Can't add fish harvesters.

Can you be a bit more detailed? Are you placing them next to fish?

There's a town. To the left of the town I put a water siphon. To the left of that I put a fishery. I tried to put the fishery harvesters in the water in front of the fishery. The game just kept saying the harvesters needed to be in the water even though I was putting them in the water.

Were they completely in the water AND next to fish?

Ok I didn't realize I needed the fish icon as well. Thanks for the picture, I'll fix it.


Can't get train stations to connect in the route planner. Track does go over 2 roads, dont know if this will affect the routing and the stations are 90 degrees to one another, so the track editor has used the 45deg connection. Any ideas?

Just bought, running in profit so gameplay looks to be okay and easily understood, just cant get stations to recognise connected track

Odd. Can you paste a screenshot? Or even better: join our Discord and explain the situation :)

Investigating. Please make sure the tracks are connected on to the train terminal itself. Even better: make an in-game report, so I can check your savegame

UPDATE: This resolved itself without any changes from me which is really bizarre, I was working on another area when the initial error noting it couldn't find teh origin resolved itself and teh train started to run

Hi,     how do we sync itch with steam ??

I googled it with nothing, I also utubed it with also nothing

You will be able to when it comes out early next year

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Hey Guys,

I'm finding that with the new 2.1 update there may be a problem with the town generation?

Whether I start on a small world with quick start or medium world with Custom game, about 50% - 60% of the towns only have 1 grocery shop in them. Some towns only have 1 or 2 other  stores and that's it.  I am still to find a seed with all the different shops in them for maximum variety.

Edit 1:

E.g. Started a medium world this is what I got:

Town 1 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 2 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Hardware

Town 3 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Book Store

Town 4 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 5 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 6 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Hardware Store

Tried quick starting new worlds various times and I keep getting more or less the same composition

Edit 2:

Okay, after logging my results a few times:

3 Towns - 3 Grocery Stores

2 Towns - 1 Grocery Store & Other Type A

1 Town - 1 Grocery Store & Other Type B

I get this composition every time  

Edit 3:

For anyone else having the same problem and want a little more variety. Make a new custom world and set the World Gen Frequency to high and you get 1 extra different type store. (Sorry for the wall of text, really like the game so far btw).

This is intentional: towns grow if they have food, and shrink if they don't; so they need the grocery. In an upcoming update, we'll introduce Farmer Markets and detail all this in a new tutorial section

Makes perfect sense, disregard :)


sadly i couldn't find any Sync option, so i purchased the game over this website here. Is my Steamkey now lost forever or is it possible to get it in some way?

below my purchase is this sentence "Purchasing the game now will give you a Steam key when released!"

hope somebody can help :)

well, the game is not technicly released yet, still in dem early alphas, if you read the roadmap release is like, all the way at the bottom, past some intresting stuff :P

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Just bought the game. The demo was fun. The alpha 2.1 is looking good so far... Dependency are really hard ... 

Question about localisation, are you planning to have:

-  only english 

- localisation ( made internaly )

- localisation ( with help from players/customers)

... playing in 4K ( i7700K+evga1080TI FTW3 + Iiyama GB2888UHSU+32Go+1ToPCIGEN3 x4ch (Samsung Pro 960))


           I got itch logged in then brought the game, but I havn't yet sync'd with steam (does this mean I wont be getting a steam key?) 

           Was a meant to sync Itch with steam before purchase ???

            Also how do I link them ???  I have looked all thu Itch

thanks :)

hi guys,

I can see resolution problem when I put the game on 4K TV by HDMI and duplicate screen mode.

Text on other text  and it's not possible to save except the quick save ;)

Did you change the scaling? 

(2 edits)

my solution is to put the screen only on TV but the scaling doesn't work very well on duplicate screen, In the menu you can see text mixed together and I can't access to the save button. It's a detail, for now i found a way to save and play correctly on TV or PC :)

Think you can do a screenshot so I can perfectly understand the situation? 

Hey guys, purchased the game today and so far it looks great. 

One query/suggestion:

With the animal farms for instance, if only one component of production is being used e.g. Meat and no other, then the meat stops being produced as soon as any other component reaches maximum capacity. Is there a way of dumping the unused components without manually doing it? If not my suggestion would be a  waste plant of some sort to assist the early game so that production isn't halted and you can continue producing the goods that are being used until you can find a use for the other components.

Fixed in 2.1 :) 

It should come out tomorrow, so hang in there! 

Thanks for the quick reply! Great to see you guys are really on top of things. Really great game, keep up the amazing work.  :)


Really happy with the rapid updates, keep up the good work.


For some reason i can only use pre-generated roads to trade to state and i cant use my own buit roads, wether this is intentional or not just a heads up :P

Intentional for now :) 

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