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I have been checking in on the game since a bit before Alpha 2, and the Career mode seems to be exactly what I was looking for! So far I am enjoying the progression of unlocking the different resources, logistics, etc via the tech tree (and I'm always a sucker for tech trees generally!).  I like having a focus by being forced to use certain industries and to think strategically about how to unlock certain products. For instance, in my current playthrough I am currently working towards getting cheese in production and then unlocking further factories. I am also thrilled that I am now able to generate a profit! (I sucked at that in earlier versions haha!)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying watching your game develop and flourish. This game is definitely up my alley (big fan of Anno, Transport Fever, Industry Giant 2 , Factorio, and basically anything with production chains), and I am excited to see where it goes. I also wanted to let you know that I really like the graphics style, and I very much appreciate that my ultrawide monitor (2560x1080) is supported.

Keep up the excellent work, and best of luck with the Steam launch! I will certainly leave a positive review when you launch!

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Wow, you are too kind! 

Whenever I feel overburdened by the extreme pressure that is gameDev, somehow a post like this appears out of nowhere and just makes it all worth it.

Can't thank you enough, and I hope you'll keep enjoying the game in A5 and beyond!

Understand no shifting economy yet, but there's no terraforming at all yet? No raise, lower or flatten? Thanks.


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I had read the Trello roadmap. Oh, I read it as Early March. Is that correct?


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Following applies to version 41

1. You can´t master Tier 3 in transportation

2. You can break AI Build bridges to an not repairable state by placing another bridge intersecting the AI build one.

3. Th AI builds sometimes two roads next to another.

4. The AI Builds tunnels intersecting each other, but trucks can#t turn in this intersection.

5. Some products are shown to be produced in a electronics factory, which doesn´t exist.

6. Copper tubing can´t be unlocked for glassworks and smelter.

Hey! Thanks for the reports. Can I ask you to do all reports in game so I can also check the log and save games? 



This game looks really good :)  I want to buy it ! and promoting  to my friends.

I'd like to know if i deliver goods to cities then cities grow  bigger like Transport tycoon?

Thank you !!

Yes you can :)

Hello! Very cool game, please add Turkish language if need help to translate I'm here!

We will! 

Love your game guys! Let me know if you looking for a game designer/game balancing. Got 4 years of know how and would love to help you guys out even if its just a chat :)    

Thanks! Just drop by our discord and feel free to voice your thoughts, and let's make the game even better!

Why factory producing rate is so slow? 1 item per day on some factorys. Why I can't send stuff from Truck depot to Warehouses via trade routes? Why only 3 car limit?  Point is, that we can get loads resources but can't use them, unless we create million factories. Your game has lots of potential but moving and producing goods needs some improvement.

Slow factories: can't have it all easy

Td to wh: routes are between buildings of the same type

3 vehicles: unlock more in the tech tree

Still balancing the game, it'll only get better! 

Hey guys, amazing job with the updates really enjoying the game thus far!

Just wanted to highlight a small typo on the Iron Mine in the tech tree interface and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Oh dear! Where is "Iron Max"? Where did it go?

Happy holidays!

Hey guys,

Tried to send you feedback report, but error occured. I ran into problem, 

I got 2 147 483 648 people living in one city (thats right, it's 2 147mil people) after 70 years and it impossible to build anything around that city or send transport of good into that city without too high operation/transport cost. and the FPS dropped so bad.

Maybe reduce the grow rate a bit? I mean even largest city in the world only have 33mil people after 200 years after industrial revolution.


Got the report, and fixed in 4.1 :)

Thanks guys.

Hello.  When will this Windows 32 bit version of the game?

I don't think it will. The game has a lot of calculations and 32 bits are very limited

20 $  :( :( 80 turkish lira :( very expensive

Sorry, can't have region pricing on itch. Please wait for the steam release 

If you need some help with 3d modeling give me a shout !Awesome game !

Thanks! Will do! 

yeahh A4!!!!

Have fun! 

Hello! Very cool game, please add Russian language

We will in A7 or A8 :)

A7 or A8 concern all languages or just Russian one ?

Many languages, don't worry 

A very good game and available for Linux!

Glad you're enjoying it!

Any News about A4? Normally he was for november no?

It's coming out next week. Had to be delayed a bit to ensure awesomeness 

Is this basically project automata? like is this the same game but this one is updated?

Yeah, Project Automata was the name before going into Alpha (when it was still pre-alpha and a prototype). Now we're in full production with a constant flow of updates

thanks, but do you have a list of system requirements?

Nothing official, but should run on pretty much anything. I sometimes test on my 6 years old i3 laptop and it works fine

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I play this game on my PC, Radeon HD 4600 from 2008 and the games works fine...though i have to play it on min graphic settings and the menu interface(new game/options/exit...) doesnt disappear then I click on "options". 

It's a decade-old computer, I'm afraid we can only do so much :(

:D no problem, i guess it's time to buy new hardware.


each time i reload a save i some little freeze every 5 sec, i can play for 12 h in row(example) without any freeze but when i reload a save, the game freeze every 5 sec. i play on small and medium map. Any idea why i have this?


It's still early in development. We're still working on improving performance. Sorry about that, alpha 4 will be a bit better :) 

I play on a TV screen I don't know what the inches are. I can guess its about 50 I would think. I start the game up and the menus are all running together? what could this be from. I tried messing with the resolution and that's not working.  Any suggestions?


Change the scaling setting in the options menu

Thank you that worked!!!


How playable is this right now?  How any hours of gameplay?

There are playlists on YouTube with dozens of hours, and new content is added constantly :)

Deleted post

Very happy you're enjoying it!

Please note that OTTD is not our focus, it's merely one of many minor inspirations. We are specialising in town interaction and deep production lines, not just logistics

I Checked Out The TRailer. Its Awesome

Glad you like it! 

Is there a chart available where you can see all the production lines and so on? And is there a community forum where players write with each other? 

All the Production Lines (aka Recipe Book):

Discord is very active:


Ah thanks a lot! 

Didnt even think about the steam community since the game isnt released on steam yet :)

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Need to be prepared :)

15k wishlists and counting!

Haha yeah ok! 

The Recipe book doesnt seems to completely up to date though. Wood barrels also requires steel ingame but in the Recipe book it seems like they only require wood, made me waste some hundred thousands :) 

The recipes are updated almost weekly, and the book is updated monthly. Always trying to find the perfect balance

Any clue when A4 will be released? Kinda hoping to have it b4 christmas :D

Is there a way to make a factory produce more than 1 type of good?  ie. Have a Glassworks and Smeltor produce glass AND steel?

Was actually thinking about it, and it might happen soon

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Hello. I wonder if there is a way for inverse tracking the distribution. I mean, select a textile industry and check who is providing theme the materials to produce. It would be very helpful. 

Another thing that I noticed is when I send goods to a shop, the top bar that indicates the relation between demand and supply is global and theres no way to know which products are not being provided. If I send a lot of one product the bar just indicate full supply. 

Thing number one is coming soon:

As for number two: the whole panel will change soon

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yeahr  hab mal gekauft hilft j immer,, in deutsch gibs das  noch nicht oder ?

Nicht jetzt, aber es wird bald sein!
German language will be added soon, yes!


I really like your game, looks very cool and i enjoyed my first games.

I agree with @abidibladiduda about warehouse and truckdepot. I think a truck depot should have more than 9 trucks available. It get complicated pretty fast when you want many output from a "water siphon".

Secondly, you should make UI menu in % of the screen width and height instead of a fixed value. If i want to play windowed or low resolution, the main menu is kind of buggy.

Good luck !

Raising the limit of trucks would make trade routes obsolete. As for the second issue, just raise the scaling setting in the options menu :) 

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you could maybe add more destination output fields (as many as one likes to use) and as many trucks as one likes to have. but scale the price for the transport much harder based on distance. so you would use trade routes for long distance because it is cheaper and not just because the other mechanic is so tricky to use.

if you want to force trade routes upon the player please remove the destination tab so everything is done with trade routes. it is just not fun to make the mechanic as cumbersome as possible just to enforce the use of trade routes. this is not a puzzler but a simulation so i think doing the whole transport stuff as a player should not be micro management of every truck. please rethink the concept.

I'll keep it in mind :)

Maybe if you refined/rename the concept to be "Shipping" related. It seems the community thinks of factory output as being "trade routes" so the long-haul routes seem like an add-on. When it seems like you're going for point-to-point shipping with distribution centers. 

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do not know where else to give feedback:

using the warehouse/truckdepot is really counterintuitive. as in i could not get the truck depot trade routes to work at all. why only get 3 outputs from the warehouse? would also be nice to set the warehouse as a source for specific products in your buildings. the push trade route concept is very limiting.

in addition the whole concept of only ever being able to transport to 3 locations is just terrible. you cannot get a nice balance between your buildings. balancing output/input should be fun and not tedious and illogical.

also since the last patch getting profitable production lines is impossible for some products.

3 destinations for pushing is necessary or trade routes would be pointless. Warehouses have an extra 3 for pulling. 

What exactly do you find confusing about that whole system? Maybe the answer is in the tutorial...

As for profits, the game is considerably easier in the last patch (will be even easier in 3.1). Just focus on the products wanted at 125%.

Drop by our Discord, there are tons of other players that will give you a hand:

the problem is that the amount of buildings being supported is not always 1, 2 or 3 depending on the distance to the target. in my current game i can support more than 4 buildings which is clumsy because i need to use 2 outgoing routes to other factories and 1 to a warehouse and then 3 from that warehouse to other factories (because the warehouse can also only support 3). that just doesnt feel intuitive at all. its not even fun because it gets complicated really fast.

in addition i actually played many games where i never used trade routes because there is really no point. maybe instead of inhibiting the use of the destination tab remove it from buildings completely. then it would be possible to use trade routes with the truck depot to carry wares from/to factories and train trade routes for long distance. would imho make much more sense. it is always nicer to only have one mechanic instead of 2 competing options where one is unnecessarily complicated/restricitve to force the player to use the other mechanic as well.

Very nice game! The graphics-update is amazing in case of the old one. I love those games.

One question about the steam key (yeah there is alot of them ;)), but i want to know: Is this steam key for the early access and the final game, or only for the final game?

Thx for answers, and good work!

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Got answer from discord : It is the same key. Thx!

Really interested in the game as it seems right up my alley but...How much content and replayability is there?I don't want a game that I'll "do" everything after two hours..

The main focus is player customisation, and with modding , the possibilities are endless 

I understand but how many hours of fun would you estimate I could get out of the game in it's current state?:)

There are already many production lines. For comparison, KatherineOfSky did a Let's Play in Alpha 1 with 16 videos of 20 to 40 minutes each. That was Alpha 1, and now we're on Alpha 3, with a lot more content., and it will only get more deep and complex (but not complicated)

I don't see system requirements posted anywhere.  I have an i7 laptop with Win7,  8Gb ram, and 1Gb GT 525M video card.  Will I be able to run this game with a minimum of problems?


You are way past the requirements. This game runs on i3 :) 

Just watched someone play, and holy crap I LOVE the smoke animation, it's amazing!  Major props to your animator(s)!  The rest of the graphics are also really nice, but I could stare at that smoke for ages, it's just. So great.

Pretty sure this is on my wishlist already on Steam, since I played the old demo, but I'mma check and add it if I forgot.  (I'd buy it now but alas I am broke.  So all I can do is remind myself to buy it when I DO have money, haha.)

To be sure, here it is!

I purchased the game and then created an account by accident, will I still get a steam key upon release?

Yes, you do. Please read this:

Hey is there a way to turn off the automatically generated Industries appearing?

If not, is there a chance you'd implement it as a toggle, I'd like to play just sandbox - making things all neat and tidy the way I want them with no auto generated industries getting in the way.


Just build outside the radius of towns. We'll add the toggle in future versions for whose who just want to "do their own thing"

Thanks for the response! I appreciate it! :)

a custom game switch to stop it would be great.

"who are these people building near my land? GET OFF MY LAWN!"

Hah, will do!

Been following your Twitter account and didn't even knew about the Halloween sale. Purchased!


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Stylish and slightly altered, but don't try to hide the fact that this stems directly from Open TTD. I'd love to play, but price is too high for what it is, and it's pretty much the same thing as its free sister game.

Recommendation: Variety. Lots of it. Other than that, you have a solid game.

It really does not stem from OTTD. The similarities are few and far apart. The art style is a low-poly version of SimCity3000, and the gameplay is that of Industry Giant 2. We offer far more things to do than just transporting stuff from A to B

Could you tell me about some of the new Dynamics then? I don't mean to sound rude at all. It looks like a pretty decent game overall. Thank you

I do agree, it's quite much for a like this. I can see this price when the game is finished. But right now I'm probably gonna hold off.

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Can you explain the truck transport route.  I have noticed that it takes a while for the trucks to leave once product is available - is there some logic here - what is the trigger?  Also, are we suppose to see empty trucks come back once they have dropped off?

EDIT - What I have observed is the trucks leave once a qty of 20 units is reached.  However, it can only transport a max of 12 qty.  I suspectg this is a carry over from the train logic as it could carry 20 units.

Correct suspicion. Fixing...

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