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Just launched alpha 2, and this happend XD


Also this is why i want to be able to delte pre-generated roads -_- now i cant use most of the south coast

Interface : options menu, lower the scaling option. 

Coast: fixing. It's super rare, never seen it before 

Yeah i figured that, it was quite unexpected when i clicked on Create game only for it to merge with the main menu XD

I dont know iff its just me with my scaling options :P but when i click on the town name i can no longer click on the "shops" inside that interface to quickly bring up what the shop accepts without me having to find them insode the town

Yup, we're working on that

I also have the magenta grass. Running macOS Sierra on a 2015 iMac with a Radeon R9 M390.

Also, game performance has down significantly to the point where it's unplayable. Scrolling is incredibly jerky, even with all graphics options set to "off" or at their lowest. Alpha 1 was running perfectly smoothly for me.


I guess the game was trying to fix itself with the texture issue, or making an infinite amount of errors in the log. Let us fix it, so you can enjoy the game again!

Congrats on Alpha 2.0! I just picked up a copy. 

I'm seeing magenta-colored grass on my Mac install.  Not sure if that's a missing texture of the new shader going awry.  It's a 2016 MBP 15" with the Radeon 530 & MacOS Sierra. 


Oh dear, investigating!

Custom game can't be loaded. I uninstalled and reinstalled through the itchio app and it still can't be loaded. i'm praying to the industry gods that this timer is the actual time left for us to play the update #hype 

It sure is! Less than an hour to go!

[Hops excitedly from foot to foot]

Just bought the game today 8/23 and like what I see. I figured out how to make a water syphon though placing it took some time, I made harvesters, than a farm with fields set to oranges, all connected by roads with trucks running but when I get to my Orange farm it doesn't give me an option to sell to the grocery store just up the road which is connected. I tried starting a second farm across the street from the grocery store and the same thing. I have Oranges being produced and stored but the only option is state. Am I missing something. The itch download gave me ver 1.9. Thanks

Are you sure you chose oranges as the product? And are you sure it's oranges what they want? Can you show me a screenshot of your destination panel and the towns shop? 

Hi, It just occurred to me that they wanted orange juice and I presumed the farm would make the juice. I just took a peak at the recipe list and found where my problem was, I needed to make a glass works and smelter. I did have two suggestions as well. The roads can but up to each other but won't auto connect unless you manually run the road tool across both squares, an auto connect feature would be cool. Also the trouble icons that pop up over your buildings, either being able to hold the mouse over the icon or click on it to have it tell you exactly what the problem is would also be helpful. Thanks for getting back with me and for working hard with your customers to make a great game.

Thanks for your kind words. Alpha 2 has a slightly better notification system, so it will be easier to know what is going wrong. As for the road thing, it's intentional, so you can make parallel roads easily; necessary for when we introduce traffic! 

Hello guys! I have a question related to updates. If I bought and downloaded the game from 14 days ago, so 8th of August do I need to download all updated and fixes in the development log or are the updates included in the file I bought? Waiting for an answer as so far the game is quite annoying.

You can simply use the itch app :) 

I did use itch app, but my question is if the file downloaded on 8th of August is updated with all the recent fixes or do I have to download and install them each separetely?

Check in game, if you're running version 1.9

This Friday we release version 2.0, with many changes 

Tnx very much for your very prompt replies. I will just wait till friday for the 2.0 version. Good luck!



Still in love with this game, and so are my cats! Imgur (image upload gives 404 error)


That pic just made my day! Thank you so much!

I see a dark blue screen and then a crash on Linux (NixOS) after trying to patch up library paths. strace doesn't reveal anything obvious to me:

Odd. We patched in a lot of things in A2. Hopefully that is fixed!

Okay, I'll try again once that's out and report back. :)


Chooo choooo

This game is awesome!!! but...

Sometimes when i generate customgame the world is without access to water and i need to generate whol world again. It isn't big problem but it's annoying as shit.

Im playing Alpha demo on PC


Worry not, as the soon-to-come Alpha2 has lakes :)

For now, the full version (not demo) has custom map settings, and you can have up to 3 coastlines

First comment on a awesome game.

Is there  some  kind of  priorizing? I always end up on one missing ingredients, because my gathers dosen't distribute their goods evenly.


The whole logistic system on Alpha1 was a bit of a mess. You'll see how we improved it in A2 :)

Another Random suggestion: more uses for wool? (like wollyer carpets?)

And i was reading the roadmap a bit more, how about some atmospheric rain (or snow on colder maps) every now and then lasting about a week ingame time, this would add nothing to the actual gameplay, but it would make things look nice now and then, much like the water waves.

Yeah, every update will have something to make it prettier. Don't worry, weather effects and cloud shadows are planned :)

Does the game update automatically or do i have to do it manually? If i need to do it manually how do i do that?

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The game does update automaticly, i found if you are on the app you cant even play it till it's updated

Yup! :)

Just use the itch app

Thank you!

Awesome game, played for 2 full nights and now i'm paying the price for that at work ;)
Played on a medium sized (as flat as possible) map. Got my budget flow to +1.000.000  but  got to the point i was not able to get any more water or sand.  How much i wished for landscaping haha, almost got to the point of buying water in every town and move it with trains xD 

Can't wait to see the next update! keep up the good work.

That's awesome! A2 (released at the end of the month) will introduce lakes, so that should make your life a bit easier :)

Nice,  i just hope those lakes are on the same 'level' then ;)

Don't worry, got plenty of lakes:

My oh my those lakes look great!

I recently updated the game and kept crashing, then I noticed the reason was that it was looking for an executable named just "Rise" and a data folder "Data" but both had a longer name in the game folder, so I just renamed them and now it works. I'm on Linux by the way

Thanks for the heads-up!


here i am with another edition of; "Brandon's random sugegstions"

Carpets, made from wool and dye using something

Being able to bulldoze a square of resources at a large cost of cash (and possably a "are you sure" thing)

with the edition of boats soon, a map type for generating island type maps, and one last thing, being able to sell to state via sea using ships :P

That's all for today on "Brandon's  random suggestions" :P

Enjoy :D


Carpets: definitely

Bulldoze resources: not gonna happen, as they'll be finite and towns might want them

Islands are planned (check roadmap) :)


Ah ok, i checked the roadmap a while back but i must have forgotten about islands.

yeah i understand the whole not bulldozing resources.

What about the selling to state via boats?


Absolutely going to happen :)

Can't figure out how to build a water siphon. Try on the coast and it says must use "nonblocked coast tiles"?

Blue tiles on water, green tiles on land. Has to be a flat part of the coast

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Been playing with the new update and this made me thing of more sugestions for you brilliant guys :P

New road/ track features

Bridges and tunnels to be used with the terraforming update aswell as rivers (and buildable canals for boats to use) where a new resource can be found/collected called "clay" clay can then be fired into many things (in a new building under the factory tab such as a kiln) such as bricks (to help towns grow and get some extra cash or something) Pots/pottery (pots that look nice and can be directly sold, mabye pots+dye?) Plates, mugs (Which can be used with newe liquids, more on that in a sec)

New plants such as tea leaves and coffee beans which then can be combined with the mug to make hot drinks that will be sold in a new town building called "coffee shop" (or whatever name)

Inflation and deflation where if a town as too much of something it will lose value and if they don't have enough the price will go up, this will make players want to try the other goods that the town accepts, and therfore try more of the game.

Theese a couple of suggestions that i came up with a few nights ago before i fell asleep, i couldn't type them yesterday becasue i did not have accses to the internet, once again thanks for the game ^-^ and i hope you take these into consideration :P

got to say i love the new icons for everything Eg, Dragging, renaming and teh many other things


All good suggestions! I'll treasure them!

glad i'm able to contribute to this wonderful game :D

i bought this game how can we get this at steam??

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Steam will come in Q1 2018

But we will get it at steam??? At Q1?

Late Jan, early Feb

I brought the game yesterday and i'm enjoying the game so far, one small request though, can you add an option to make the text bigger? I have a quite large moniter (1920x1080) but i sit about half a meter away from my screen becuase i dont have a desk and it gets really hard to see some of the prices at the shops because the font is so small, thanks for reading this and i hope you take this suggestion into consideration

Another few issues i'm having. 1. Wehn you click go to main menu from a game it takes me to just the background and the menu buttons wont load. 2. when setting the hills and mountains to "small" it makes them everywhere

Sorry for lots of posts, but i have a suggestion this time :P i was reading the roadmap and saw that you was going to be adding somthing that tells you how much a town likes you, using this can you make it so you can delete town houses for a cost of popularity, for my current game town houses have grown everywhere because of my orange juice and it makes it hard to ship stuff to that town now becasue of not being able to delete town houses

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Heya! Happy you're enjoying the game! Let me answer one by one:

Scaling: Alpha 2 will handle this

Main Menu issue: solved in 1.9 (coming out tomorrow)

Small hills: same as above

Suggestion: that is, amongst many other things, what it does. Keep in mind in A2 and on, towns will be A LOT larger


I bought the game via paypal 1 day ago... and no ones want that I can play it.... When I get allow for download the game?...

Can you try using the itch app?

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hey uh i just bought the game, i cant seem to launch it, i opened the folder with 7zip and win rar, looked though all the files for a launcher but I couldn't find one?? :(


oh wow sorry i guess i scanned past the installation guide :'( but i love this game! keep up the great work!!!!!!


I'm not sure if this issue has been brought up in the past, but I've noticed that in my factories I have the required resources to produce a product but when the final product completion bar goes across, no product is registered as complete.  Just wanted to bring this to someones attention.  By the way, great game so far, really enjoying it!

Maybe storage is full? Could you make a bug report?

That might be because trucks have to transport the product to main building.

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could you add autosave feature? I just played for 4 hours and game crashed. But I'm not mad because this game was so worth it. I had a lot of fun just learning the ropes and when I start my new game tomorrow, I will be more efficient with my set up and save game manually after some time.

Thank you for creating a game that is fun to play and where I can relax and don't have to concentrate so much as in RTS games.  Needed a break from factorio and this game is perfect for it.

Hey there!

We added the autosave for Alpha 2, and we'll try to include it in 1.9. Half the fun is starting all over again :D

Very happy you're enjoying it!

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Hi, can you guys translate this game to Polish language? If you are planing that i'll buy this game in the nearest future ;)

Many languages are planned, and Polish might be in, in the near future!

This game has me rediculously addicted and I feel this one can become so much more. Please continue to update this beauty. Something about it has me hooked and I'm so ready for more.

Great work guys!


You guys are awesome! Only had to play the demo for 20 minutes before I was sold. Keep doing what you're doing and this is guaranteed to succeed.

Too kind! :) 

Not completed yet and already a great game.  I have seen worse than your game. Continue your great work!

Will do!

I bought rise of industry on 7/18/17 and I was wondering if I would get a steam key when it is released. 

When the game is released on Steam, everyone who bought it on itch will get a key


Hey, I played this game when it was called Project Automata and it was in early development and free to download from your website. I just wondered if that entitles you to a free version of the game now that it costs money? No problem if it doesn't just wondered.

Hey Jamie, I'm afraid that the game has changed so much (even the name!) that it I'm afraid I cannot do what you suggest. But gotta ask, yes?

Hi, yeah no problem. Just thought it was best to ask before going ahead and buying a new copy. Thanks for the quick reply and good luck with this amazing game!

I have tried to buy the  game and when entering my card details it says "the zip code you entered was not validated" even though i entered the right country and the right post code to my payment settings. can someone please help me.

Please contact the support guys:

No joke. I've been waiting for a game like this. And you guys are doing it SO right! Thank you Dapper Penguin Studios. Keep up the good work. 

Thanks for the kind words!

Just bought this game,very addicted! hope warehouse option would be out soon,that would be great! 

Planned with Alpha 3, along with many other goodies :)

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Would love support for 3440x1440 resolution screens! Having a blast with this game even in its early state. I'd love to be able to play in full screen on my ultrawide though.

We redid the interface for Alpha 2. Just need to wait a little longer!

That's awesome to hear! Keep up the great work!

I saw the Yogscast play this game recently and it looked like a nice game so i bought it. it's a very nice game (maybe a bit unstable) and i have been enjoying it! 

But I have a problem : when i load back a saved game it just crashes after a couple of days. Am I the only one with that problem?

Unfortunately it's a common issue. Give us a little bit of time to fix it :)

Hello, I also have the same problem with the saved game. But the game has a lot of potential.

Please do not put the Czech language as well.

Why not?

I would like to enjoy your game even better in your own language.

Yeah, but why NOT translate it?

I think he didnt mean the not part and just wanted to ask to put the Czech language in.

Yes, possible Google Translate fail :)

We're going to translate the game to many different languages, worry not

Save games do not work, they all crash after a certain amount of days when loaded for me. Its a shame as I was really enjoying this but I cant do everything in one sitting!

Next time it crashes, could you send us your output.log to to investigate?

TY for the reply, Ive submitted the logs. Let me know if I can do anything else.

I have the same problem. Glad to know that i'm not the only one with this odd problem :)

Hi Dapper Penguins (cool name by the way),

I recently saw the Yogscast playing this and it looks really good, so I bought it! I really enjoy your game, it scratches this itch I was having.

I was just wondering if in later versions prices will be tweaked a bit or are you going to add some things to increase 'efficiency?' Because you have to lay out a lot of infrastructure for the smallest bit of profit, and it's almost impossible to recoup the cost in a reasonable timeframe. Don't get me wrong, I am a patient person and understand that you don't turn profits immediately, but it seems a bit off when I am losing money for 3-5 years straight before getting to the green.

Or am I looking at this wrong, and instead of playing 'realistically' should be focussing on what I'll be doing in like 20-30 years and just ignore the 'short-term' losses?? Haha. 

Thanks for all your work!


Hey there!

(is that an Evil Genius avatar?)

Very happy you're enjoying the game! Right now we don't worry about balance too much, and prices change build to build. Right now, every should pay for itself in 18-24 months, if played perfectly (like the real world, ish). Later on, you'll be able to add modules to factories, to work faster (more pollution and upkeep), so you can balance out the pipeline. Something important to know is that complex recipes (brandy, paint) pay A LOT more than the simple ones (barrels, bottles)

Just keep playing, you'll get better!

Yes, this is Maximillion from Evil Genius, great work spotting that!

Ahh, it makes me happy to hear that, all great information. This will save me much headache from being too pedantic about optimisation! Guess I should just relax a bit and not worry about it and just explore what the game has to offer right now.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here to help!

I'm currently living in an APO in Germany. Because I'm on German internet with an American address, it won't allow me to purchase the game because of the VAT system, so what other kind of options do I hav?

Is there somewhere i can privately reach you?

How long do you think until it releases on steam and what price will it be on steam?

(1 edit)

Take a look at the roadmap, and the price will be more expensive. 

If you buy it now you will get the steamkey as well. If I've understood everything correctly. 

That is correct, my good sir!

Yay, I know stuff

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