Alpha 1.3

Hey again! We've been working tirelessly all week to polish a bit the game, adding features and whatnot. Many thanks to everyone who purchased the game, but also a big thanks to the content creators that uploaded an endless stream of videos, for me to study (and enjoy). Without further ado, here is the changelog:

Gameplay changes and additions:

- Almost all buildings are now textured
- Gatherers and farms now have a set storage of 99, no matter how many harvesters or fields it has
- "Area of Influence" for gatherer hubs nearly doubled
- "Area of Influence" for harvesters nearly doubled

- "Buy truck" and "sell truck" buttons now disappear if the max/min was reached
- Can now buy/sell wholesaler trucks
- Max limit of trucks per building is now 25 (from 9)
- Price of truck raised from 10k to 25k
- Trucks take 3 seconds to leave the origin building (from 2)

- Iron ore takes 25% longer to gather
- "Pies and Cakes" now need eggs, raised their price
- Reworked the pricing formula for products. Every produced item now is more lucrative

- Can now move the camera with the middle mouse button, as well as the right
- New in-game background! (actually, it's not new, it disappeared for some reason)
- Towns place buildings slower to avoid blocking player progression

- New welcome screen
- In-game access to the recipe book (main menu and pause menu)
- In the trade panel, "commodities" have been removed temporarily to avoid confusion
- Towns' "supply and demand" bar now decreases daily, and not weekly, so you get a better idea of how well you're doing
- Added a "end of last month" line in the budget panel
- "Set" recipes in the factory's production tab, are marked in orange to avoid confusion
- Tutorial now specifies that coastal gatherers are placed partially on water
- If you click on a shop in the town panel, it opens that shop's panel
- Updated the construction bar thumbnails
- Rephrased some concepts int he overview panels


- Lots and lots, but still many remain (careful with those saves!)


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 171 MB
Version 2 Jun 08, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Mac 296 MB
Version 2 Jun 08, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Linux 290 MB
Version 2 Jun 08, 2017


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Very bug the latest version! (sorry for my English)

What is the problem?

For example, when I delete a delivery destination and create a new delivery destination, deliveries to another destination are no longer done (trucks do not refuel the new destination). Really sorry for my English I hope this remains understandable.

Can you try the new version? 1.3.1