1.4 Patch with major recipe redesign and new truck mechanics

Whoa, spent so much time redesigning the recipes, interface, bugfixes, truck upkeep, etc. The game is so different now! Hoep you have a lot of spare time, as you won't be able to stop playing with the new changes!

Gameplay changes and additions:

- All buildings are now textured!
- Smoke colour now gives an indication of how much that building will pollute, once we introduce that mechanic

- Changed truck upkeep mechanics

- Heavily tweaked the recipes, and changed most of them, even renamed a building in the process. Don't setup complex production lines without first checking the new formulas!

- Reworked how the world sets up roads (infinitely better now)
- Smoothed coasts to allow easier coastal gatherer placement
- Changed some town names
- Towns place buildings a bit slower to not block the player
- Towns don't eat as much, so it's easier for them to grow

- Added "last month" column to the budget panel (popular request!)
- Changed the "destination" tab, adding an alert to select the recipe first
- Swapped order of "destination" and "production" tabs
- Added some more images to the tutorial
- Can now doubleclick saveslots
- Saveslots now sorted by date, not alphabetically
- Streamlined slightly the routes panel, and resized it
- Removed decimals here and there
- Added an outline to the money popup for easier reading
- Pause menu now with better wording

Known persistent bugs (WIP, please don't make bugreports about these):

- Sometimes the set destinations order is not respected, and trucks are dispatched seemingly random. To minimise this issue, don't use more than 9 trucks per building
- Game is fully supported in 1080p (16:9). Anything above or below that might have the scaled incorrectly.
- Sometimes the connection to the edge of the map isn't done properly, thus making it impossible to trade with the state. Start a new mp if this happens.


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 171 MB
Version 6 Jun 15, 2017

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