Alpha 1.6

Hey guys! This week's version is slightly small compared to the previous ones. We mainly focused on bugfixing and on the next big update (Alpha 2.0, set to be released late August). Regardless, these are the notes:

Gameplay changes and additions:

- Placement hologram (the green transparent model) is now slightly different, prettier
- You now get a tooltip when placing buildings
- Lowered building upkeep

- When placing long stretches of roads and tracks, you now get a tooltip indicating how much it's going to cost
- Trains are now 50% faster

- Renamed "Juice" to "Orange Juice" to avoid confusion
- Changed product calculation price to be slightly superior

- Reworked the interface a bit, no more "twitchy" appearances

Known persistent bugs (WIP, please don't make bugreports about these):

- Wholesaler sometimes sells things that it shouldn't, at 100$
- Weird scroll movement of the options menu


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 171 MB
Version 11 Jun 30, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Mac 296 MB
Version 8 Jun 30, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Linux 290 MB
Version 8 Jun 30, 2017


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My itch app is broken in a download open loop of your recipe book, it won't cancel or complete.  I have to kill the app to close it.  Even deleting it and reinstalling it doesn't fix it.  Is there another way to know when to get an updated version of your game?  

Every Friday at 6pm CET :)

Thank you very much.


how do I install the Alpha 1.6 ?  Or do I have the install all over again ?



Use the Itch app :)