Alpha 1.8.1 hotfix

Some users experienced crashes in the last version due to some tweaks in the AI, so we released a hotfix to address most of them, and edited the last bit of the train tutorial (remember the trains have a capacity of 20!).

Please make sure you update your graphics card drivers before submitting any crash report!


Rise of Industry - Alpha - Windows 171 MB
Version 14 Jul 17, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Mac 296 MB
Version 11 Jul 17, 2017
Rise of Industry - Alpha - Linux 290 MB
Version 11 Jul 17, 2017


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I suggest to add quests with reward and level system to unlock more things. 

what do you think about that ? :)


Already planned :)

Alpha 4 and 5:

Cool ! I've never seen the roadmap, Thanks  ;)

Hey is there a flat world mode?

As in no mountains? Sure!

Hi, I just updated and when I launch from the itch client I get a error dialogue box saying: 

"Failed to initialize player. 


Failed to load PlayerSettings (internal index #0).
Most likely data file is corrupted, or built with mismatching
editor and platform support versions."

When I launch from the executable directly, it's fine.

Oh, I disabled the itch sandbox mode and it's working now.

Good :)

Hotfix 1.8....does this address the "unable to load a previously saved file" without it causing the game to subsequently crash?

Thanks for any clarification.

If the save file is from 1.8 or 1.8.1, then yes :)

The game save was with a new game started (as of last night)....and, after application of the 1.8.1 Hotfix.  Laptop was shut-off overnight.  Loaded the saved file this AM and was able to play about 3 hours without issue making periodic "new saves".  Closed the game for a couple hours....then came back to the game, loaded the last (most recent saved file); and, within a couple minutes or the same MS error message received prior to the 1.8.1 update and the game closed to desktop.  I'd gladly send the "output.txt" file; but, don't see any method to attach to this email system.....and, the game crashes prior to my being able to utilize "bug icon" within the game.

Game was playing great all last evening and this morning....don't recall anything I was doing differently within the game prior to this problem now.

Appreciate any insight.

See my earlier post.....I may have identified the problem which might be my fault.   Am I supposed to play the game ONLY WHEN LOGGED INTO THE ITCH ONLINE APPLICATION?  If yes, then that's the issue.  When I returned to the game (prior to my recent email), I wasn't logged into the ITCH APP.   But, to send the email, I logged on.  After sending the email, I then hit the "Launch" icon (while online) and tried to load the same saved file that failed earlier (prompting my email).  The game has now been running OK for the last 45 minutes or so. 

Sorry if I didn't realize the requirement to be logged in online to properly play the game.

I honestly wasn't aware of such a requirement with the app. Good to know!