Getting ready for Alpha 2!

Hey there,

You might be upset that this week there wasn't a patch, but it's all for the greater good: getting Alpha 2 nice and polished for you to see it in Gamescom, and shortly after in your own computer! There are simply too many changes to enumerate them all, so what we're going to do is a video to showcase the best and most life-changing ones.

Get ready to get shut in your own house, 'cos all these changes are going to bow you away!


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Congrats on alpha 2, will get to "testing" right away ^-^

Let us know how that goes! 

truly an amazing game. Already have a lot of hours into it. Any ETA on Alpha 2. A week/month/months? Keep up the good work


This Friday, 6pm CET :) 

Im excited for Multiplayer so i can stream it on YouTube and Twitch.

Love the game so far guys, honestly I feel I've already gotten my money's worth.  Thanks for being awesome!

No, thank you for supporting us!

Awesome news, and good luck at Gamescom! I can't wait to see all the shiny new things! :D